Chronic Wounds:

To heal well, a wound needs a good supply of blood, oxygen and nutrients as well as a clean, infection free wound site. When these factors are not in place and the wound fails to heal as would be expected then it becomes a chronic wound. 

People with certain medical conditions that impact blood circulation can be more at risk of chronic wounds. 

What are Chronic Wounds?

A Chronic Wound is a wound that does not heal, heals slowly or only partially, or heals but then recurs. Chronic Wounds can develop from a range of acute wounds including skin tears, pressure injuries, autoimmune of skin conditions, ulcers and surgical wounds. They cause pain and distress and can reduce the person’s mobility. They can also contribute to sleep disturbances, anxiety and depression which can significantly affect quality of life.

How are Chronic Wounds commonly treated?

Treatment varies depending on the cause of the Chronic Wound and the person’s general health, nutrition and other medications. A combination of treatments is often recommended and may include regular dressings, cleaning and debridement, hyperbaric oxygen therapy, compression stockings, antibiotics, dietary and lifestyle changes. Wounds such as ulcers can take months to heal, so prevention is also important.

Factsheet: Medical Cannabis and Chronic Wounds

Chronic Wounds factsheet

Chronic Wounds and Medical Cannabis


The skin has its own endocannabinoid system which regulates processes including those necessary for normal wound healing. There is not much data available for the effectiveness of Medical Cannabis in healing wounds but there is some evidence that applying cannabidiol directly onto the wound may be useful in treating certain skin disorders such eczema, psoriasis, itching and inflammation. More controlled studies are required to assess the effectiveness of Medical Cannabis in wound healing.

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